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At Smilecare we understand that most people experience a degree of nervousness or anxiety when visiting their dentist.

We are here to help you overcome any fears you may have in a way that suits you best and puts you at ease. There are a number of reasons why patients feel anxious. It could be that they have not been to the dentists for many years and are unsure what to expect or a painful dentistry experience in the past.

What if I haven’t been to the dentist for a long time?

Many patients who have avoided a visit to the dentist for a long time are often surprised to discover how little treatment they actually need.
If that is not the case we offer a stepwise approach to make the experience less daunting. We also encourage patients to talk freely about their treatment and what they need to make them feel more comfortable.

How can I feel less anxious?

It helps to know that you are in the driving seat during any treatment. Some patients fear losing control and feelings of panic. We let our patients know that they are in control and the ‘team captain’ in the partnership.

If something does not feel right then they can stop the treatment at any time.

We also encourage you to be pro-active and know that it is OK to call us for a chat about different options or make an appointment.

What other options are available?

We can recommend a lovely clinical hypnotherapist, Jane Hodgkin, who has had a lot of success calming the nerves of anxious patients. You can see the details of her service at

Smilecare is able to provide a range of medical options including beta blockers to stop your heart racing and oral and IV sedation. There is an additional cost with IV sedation as an anaesthetist will come to the surgery to administer the sedation. Both oral and IV sedation require that you are collected by a friend or relative after the treatment.

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