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A denture can also be held in place with dental implants. The denture is held in place by several dental implants but it can still be removed for cleaning.

When are implants used for dentures?

A series of implants can be used to stabilise a denture when it is loose when all the teeth are missing. The denture is then fixed and immovable when eating or speaking. Once completed the denture clips onto the implants.

What are the advantages?

Implant retained dentures can help restore your confidence by holding your dentures securely in place without the need for adhesive. You can enjoy foods that you might have found difficult to eat or were avoiding. They offer improved function and reliability.

How long will the process take?

You will need to be assessed to see if implants are a suitable option before the start of any treatment. A plan will be customised with details in the schedule of the surgery and the expected timeframe before the dentures are fitted.

How do I look after my implant retained denture?

You will need to brush and clean the denture each morning and it should be cleaned with a denture cleaner. It should be removed and soaked in a denture solution at night Your implants and gums will need to be cleaned using a toothbrush.

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