Treating a Dental Emergency

You may have a regular dentist somewhere else and just need a quick solution to dental pain or discomfort. The important thing is to make you comfortable so you can then make informed decisions about your dental care without the stress of being in pain. If you have a dentist somewhere else we can liaise with them and forward your x-rays via email or print them off for you to take away along with any suggested longer term treatment plans.

Just call us on 0208 994 2548 or tel/text 07506179922 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to chat about your specific needs.

What are the costs?

We do not charge more for our emergency appointments compared to regular appointments.  We will quote either £170, £226, £283 or £340 (NB x-rays are an additional charge of £15 or £18 per x-ray if needed).  Please note we will always do as much treatment as possible for the fees. If antibiotics are needed this is an additional fee of £15.00. “We promise to provide a clear explanation of any treatment options available and detailed costs.” Please call or email us and we can chat to you about the different treatment options and provide more detailed costs.

How do I know which appointment I need?

To give you an idea of what can be treated under each appointment, below is a short list of treatments, please note this is a guide only, when you speak to one of our receptionists Jan, Charlotte or Rachel they will discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a more accurate idea of costs.

      Treatments usually carried out within £170 (PLUS £15 or £18 per-xray if needed):

  • A simple diagnostic appointment to assess problems with a niggling tooth or wisdom tooth


      Treatments usually carried out within £226 (PLUS £15 or £18 per x-ray if needed):

  • A crown bridge or veneer recement
  • A small filling or a small chipped area of tooth
  • A complex diagnostic appointment to assess where the pain is not easily located to one tooth area.


      Treatments usually carried out within a £283 - £340 (PLUS £15 or £18 per x-ray if needed):

  • Extirpation to treat dental pain (£283)

  • A complex front tooth restoration to restore a broken or chipped tooth
  • Treating an abscess (£283 to £340)

  • Emergency extraction (N.B. complex surgical extraction is £340)

  • Medium to large fillings (£283 or £340)

  • Implant crown recement (£283)


Is the pain keeping you awake at night and is a constant ache?

If this is the case then you will most likely have inflammation within the nerve of the tooth due to an infection. We can treat the nerve straight away to deal with the pain, the total cost of this appointment is £283. In some cases an abscess may have formed and we will where possible treat this on the day, the cost of this is £283 to £340, PLUS £15 or £18 per x-ray.


Do you have pain when eating cold food or drinks?

This kind of pain can be a case of sensitivity due to a number of reasons. We can check this out with our digital x rays and either provide a temporary solution (temporary filling) or fluoride treatment if it is due to worn enamel.  The cost of this appointment is £170 (PLUS £15 or £18 per x-ray).


Do you have a broken tooth? 

If you have a broken tooth that is just sharp we can smooth this down and if needed provide a temporary filling. The total cost of this appointment is £170.  If you would like a permananent filling a more complex case can be £226 to £340.

Feel free to contact us on 07506179922 for an appointment, or pop in for some more information.