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Take advantage of our home whitening kit on offer for just £290 (Normally £325)

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Here at Smilecare we have an ever increasing number of patients who express concerns regarding the discolouration of their teeth. We understand that this can impact on self-confidence and we are happy to listen to your concerns and guide

Tooth whitening has been around for many years and has been proven, in professional hands, to be safe and effective. With more media coverage of whitening there has been an explosion of different products available on the market. Many over the counter products have varying results and are often very acidic which can result in long term tooth erosion. Similarly beauty salons and hairdressers who have no formal dental training are using Chlorine Dioxide to whiten teeth, which can have long term detrimental effects to your dentition. The only as yet proven safe method to lighten teeth is to use a home kit containing carbamide peroxide, this breaks down slowly over a number of hours into hygrogen peroxide which is the whitening agent.

At Smilecare we have tried and tested a number professional products available on ourselves and concluded that the best product available was the Carbamide Peroxide home whitening kits supplied by Optident.  An impression is taken of your teeth and two custom made trays are made to contain the whitening gel. Patients take the trays and gel home and are advised to wear the trays for prolonged periods (usually through the night) for several sessions until the whitening process is complete and they are happy with their smile.