Cost of Treatment

Dental Health Plan

We operate a monthly payment plan to help spread the cost of preventative care.  It allows you to budget for your routine check up and hygienist care and is between £19.85 and £36.72 per month, for more information please click here. If you would like chat to us about your needs please feel free to email or call us and speak to Charlotte, Jan or Rachel on 020 8994 2548. Alternatively if you would like to pay as you go please see our list of our fees below.

Fee Guide

New Patient Examination

Plus regular screening xrays (typically x2 xrays are needed at £10 each)

Or detailed diagnostic xrays for heavily restored teeth or periodontal care


From £20

From £40 to £80

Existing Patient Examination
Child examination up to 11 years
Older Child and Teen examination from 12 years Extensive Patient


Extensive Assessment eg. for Implant assessment and complex restorations
External referral
£10 per xray
£35 to £75
Hygienist (45mins)
Hygienist (30mins)
Hygienist (15 mins)
Fissure Sealants
Fluoride Varnish application

Simple crown re-cement

Complex crown or bridge re-cement

Implant crown recement

From £90

From £162.50


Emergency consultation (includes crown or bridge re-cement)
Emergency appointment to treat dental pain or a broken tooth

Plus Re-etching of a crown, veneer or bridge

Please email or call 07506179922 for a more accurate quote.

From £90-£182.50
From £180-£325



Extractions and Surgicals From £90-£450
Root Canal Treatment
Root Core Build Up
From £550 to £900
From £120
Tooth Coloured Fillings From £135-£335

Implant assessment


Implant crown


From £1980


Crowns, Bridge and Veneers From £922-£1460 per unit
Full or Partial Dentures From £1200 per unit
 Tooth Whitening for Home Use  £230 (2 arches) on special offer


Orthodontic/Night retainers

Initial assessment £500
Plus Treatment From £3250-£3750

From £250 to £325

Michigan Splint for jaw problems

Night Guard


From £195

Sports guards From £75-£100

Credit Cards Accepted: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Solo. (Protected by TrustWave)

The Smilecare Dental Health Plan offers discounts on routine treatments of 20% plus an additional 10% during low peak hours. Emergency appointments are discounted by 20% only.  Discounts exclude laboratory fees and Invisalign treatment. If treatment is recommended, our Smilecare Team (Charlotte, Jan, Sarah or Rachel) will print out details of the treatment and the exact costs and go through where savings apply on the Smilecare Dental Health Plan.

If you are concerned about the costs of dental treatment or find the charges difficult to understand, please ask for an explanation, it is important to us that you understand every aspect of your care with us.