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What's in a Smilecare filling?

One of the many questions we get asked at Smilecare is 'whats in a filling and which is best for me?' We understand that the ever increasing number of treatment options available can make decision making difficult. Our team is hear to listen to your needs and to guide you through the options available so you make the best informed choice available.

After attending many postgraduate courses in the use of modern filling techniques our Smilecare dentists can predictably place restorations that can last for many years and we now find that we tend to prescribe crowns less often and opt for these more conservative methods of restoring teeth. The costs of our fillings are reflected in the time we take to give you the best possible restoration and the time invested in postgraduate courses and materials. The advantage of placing high quality fillings over crowns is that we can conserve more of your own tooth tissue, there is less clinical time involved and the relative costs are much less.

Not all dentists place fillings in the same way, and even though dentists have been placing fillings for many years the techniques of recent have dramatically changed modern practice. We use the latest dye indicators to assure that we have removed all decay in your tooth, the fillings are lined with advanced bonding resins to resist bacterial leakage, lessening the chances of further problems and discomfort, and we use the best available filling materials on the market. The two most commonly placed filling restorations are Composite resin, (tooth coloured fillings) and Amalgam (silver coloured fillings). Both materials exhibit excellent durability and comfort and your dentist will be happy to discuss with you the merits of each one for your particular need.